ROHMC17 #1: Leviathan (1989)

I kicked off the annual Reddit October Horror Movie Challenge with a film I’ve been wanting to watch for some time: George P. Cosmatos’ Leviathan. Cosmatos’ filmography might not be long, but he helmedĀ  the critically-acclaimed Tombstone, as well as Cobra and Rambo First Blood: Part II, the latter of which features Richard Crenna, who also appears in Leviathan. It was written by Jeb Stuart and David Peoples. Stuart was coming off of Die Hard and Peoples co-wrote Blade Runner and would go on to write Unforgiven. There’s a talented trio behind the camera and the screenplay.

Leviathan asks the question: “what if Robocop and a Ghostbuster fought The Thing at the bottom of the ocean?” The answer is just about as awesome as you would expect, but despite the excellent practical effects, the killer cast (Peter Weller, Ernie Hudson, Richard Crenna, Daniel Stern), and the sheer filmmaking prowess, its obvious influences do it more harm than good. It’s an incredibly solid sci-fi horror, and one I intend to add to my collection, but it borrows so much from The Thing and Alien that it’s inevitably comparing itself to what are arguably the greatest sci-fi horrors of all-time. I love Leviathan, but I love it in the way that you love your best friend’s dorky little brother.