ROHMC17 #2: Bonejangles (2017)

Prepare yourself, the orgasmic moans of our coitus shall echo down into the deepest, darkest pits of hell.

Bonejangles is what I end up with when Redbox gives me a rent one, get one free deal and I’ve got nothing to lose on the freebie. It’s a horror-comedy, so the above quote is designed to be laughed at. The film tries really hard to make you laugh and on occasion it succeeds. The titular character of Bonejangles actually seems like he’d be a cool slasher, but the film is more concerned with being funny. That isn’t bad in of itself, but it does lean into the comedy side hard enough that it sometimes feels like a crutch to misdirect you away from the bad parts. The acting leaves a lot to be desired and it can’t hold a tone to save its life, but I can’t deny that I laughed pretty hard at a few gags. If you’re looking for no-budget cheese, you could do a lot worse than Bonejangles.